Memory is at the forefront of everything I make in clay. Through figurative sculpture, I want to create stories that are profoundly familiar and relatable.  Drawing from personal experiences provides the material for my work, which serves to commemorate the individual. Bending realism through scale and exaggeration situates these characters in the space between the factual and imaginary facets within each memory. I want to personify an expressive feeling in the same deeply emotional way that a favorite song can; a visceral internal scream of affirmation – something gets me, and it’s an object. 

I’ve begun to see these figures as static puppets – frozen storytellers in a theatrical reenactment of the memory. This work investigates how deep one can dig into a story from a single frame for reference. Recently, there has been a shift in my interests to include commonplace objects as framing devices for the figurative work. The object becomes a containment vessel, acting as a stage on which to tell these stories. 

I am interested in the similarities between our memories and ceramic as a material; both are seemingly fluid and malleable, both can be lasting and carry the potential for permanence, while simultaneously they can be incredibly fragile. The accessibility and ubiquity of clay in our lives has far reaching roots, and it connects me to self-expression in ways of which are more direct and natural than other materials.